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So You Think You’re An Adult

The Moncreiff Show, Newstalk.

Every Monday at 2:30pm, Barbara Scully and I join Sean Moncrieff to help tackle listener dilemmas.

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Breakfast Show, with Barbara Scully

Walk In My Shoes is an awareness campaign for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services. It runs initiatives to promote positive mental health including WIMS FM, a annual pop-up radio station where I volunteer.

Selected audio contributions

I spoke on RTÉ’s The Book Show about Christopher Isherwood’s book A Single Man.

I took part in a postshow discussion about being the child of deaf adults (CODA) following Shane O’Reilly’s play ‘Follow’ atthe Abbey Theatre.
I spilled the tea with Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene on their RTE 2FM radio show about how the lingo associated with RuPaul’s Drag Race is entering into the common vernacular.
Every year, students of media contact me to get an interview for their radio projects on Drag Queens in Ireland. Here’s one.