Hi! I am Declan Buckley.

I’m a broadcaster, creator, performer and writer from Dublin in Ireland. I’m probably best known as the presenter of the Telly Bingo programme, which I have hosted three times a week on RTÉ television since 2001, or as Shirley Temple Bar, host of one of Ireland’s longest running live shows, Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar at the The George in Dublin. I am also a regular contributor across all Irish media.


Photo shows Declan presenting Telly Bingo on RTE television.


I have over 20 years experience in presenting live, studio and on-location television.

Image shows Declan Buckley as Shirley Temple Bar, who is holding multi-coloured balloons and wearing a goofy furry hat which looks like a monster's head.

Shirley Temple Bar

Since, 1997, I have performed as Shirley Temple Bar on stage, film and television, including over 1000 weekly shows at The George.

Declan interviewing Minister Jim Daly on WIMS FM 2019

Radio & Podcasting

I am a regular contributor to Irish radio and podcasts, including The Moncreiff Show on Newstalk every Monday.

Show Creator and Event Producer

I have over 30 years experience creating and producing shows, conferences and events.


I write content for my weekly stage show and radio contributions. I have written a weekly column in Irish Daily Star, a monthly column for the GCN and bylines in many newspapers and magazines.

Multimedia Creator and Designer

I create animations, develop apps, record and mix audio, shoot and edit photos & video, and design graphic content.

Image is a screen grab from a television documentary of Declan in mid-comment.

Opinion & Advocacy

I regularly contribute to research, documentaries and reports on varied subjects across all Irish media and academia.

Image shows Declan Buckley interacting with a life-size robot from Disney's Transformers franchise. The robot's hand is outstretched and covering Declan's face.


I occasionally act in film and television dramas.

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